In the business today in every field requires managers. The study involves in-depth knowledge of role and responsibility of the managers. The course of introduction to management group introduces the students to the roles and function of the managers in a business. It involves the study of the evolution of management theory, organizational environment and corporate social responsibility and ethics. The course also includes a detailed account of the four function of management that is:

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  • Planning and decision making
  • Organizing
  • Leading and motivating
  • Controlling

Management is an act of getting all the peoples jointly to achieve goals and objective using the available resources in the company proficiently and successfully. There are several different resources within the management. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of the following:


  • Human resource (work force)
  • Financial resource
  • Technological resource
  • Natural resource

There are different types of management styles and the management process. Over the years there has been a consistency change in the study of this subject. There are many things expected from the managers and equally, the managers expect from their employees.

  • Traditional management involves a hierarchy of employees, low-level management, and mid-level management and then comes at the top the top level management. In this type of management systems, the managers rule out their expectations for the employees who have to work hard to meet the goals. The managers are the one who receives the rewards of meeting the goals.
  • Team management in this type of management managers give helping hand to the members of the team and together they solve any obstacle. Here entire team receives the award.
  • Servant management approach in which employees need to meet the companies’ goal. Employees are the expert in their field and work hard to work efficiently.

No matter which management style is used by the company the main objective of managers is to help employees reach the targeted goal and also at the same time maintain company standards and policies.

Good managers of the company constantly work towards making an increase in the sale. They need to keep their organization on track by ensuring that things are carried out ethically and towards the goal to fulfil client’s expectation.

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